About Oils and Recipes


You can always expect the best quality and prices from our oils. This is our commitment to you:

  • Spoilage is kept to a minimum. As you know, oils can go rancid and this can cause free radical damage. We are conscientious about rotating our stock; the quick turnover of oils insures that you’re purchasing fresh product.
  • We sell only the finest oils. All of our bulk massage oils are expeller processed.
  • We select the highest quality essential oils and fragrance oils. All of our essential oils are 100% pure, undiluted, and unadulterated; most are steam distilled, while the citrus essential oils are cold-pressed.

Also, check out our recipes — our employees have developed, tested, and revised many of these, so they’re pretty reliable recipes to experiment with. Enjoy!

Almond Oil• one of the most useful, practical, and commonly-used oils – great for all skin types
• a skin-softening, emollient oil, rich in vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals
• penetrates skin well; absorbs easily; soothes and reconditions skin
Aloe (in Soybean Oil)• helps heal most types of burns, bites, rashes, and other skin maladies
• slightly astringent and very soothing for all skin types
• all the properties of aloe plus soy oil – good for enriched soap or skin care products
Apricot Kernel Oil• another light oil – good for sensitive and prematurely aged skin
• doesn’t leave an oily film on skin – actually tightens skin somewhat
• softens delicate skin around eyes, mouth, and neck
Avocado Oil• a rich, heavy, antioxidant, penetrating oil – extremely shelf-stable
• full of protein, and vitamins A, D, & E (and natural sun protection – SPF 6-8)
• excellent for dry, damaged, or problem skin – especially good for psoriasis & eczema
Castor Oil• a rich, thick, emollient oil – adds shine – a protective barrier in cosmetics
• softens and soothes rough, dry heels, knees, elbows / patches of eczema, psoriasis
• solubility in alcohol makes it a good fixative for perfumes & cologne
Grapeseed Oil• the lightest carrier oil – least greasy – naturally hypoallergenic
• often used as a carrier for aromatherapy or as a base for perfumery
• mildly astringent and drying – great for oily skin
Jojoba Oil• actually a liquid wax ester – resembles the sebum our skin produces
• highly penetrative – protection & emolliency while allowing skin to breathe
• great for both oily (acne) and dry (eczema/psoriasis) skin conditions
Olive Oil• heavy, shelf-stable, very nutritious oil – commonly used for herbal infusions
• strong aroma – completely masking its fragrance can be difficult
• takes time to absorb – very condition for skin – good for massage
Sesame Oil• antioxidant-rich oil that is soothing, skin-softening, & anti-inflammatory
• traditionally used in Ayurveda – warming and drying properties
• some natural sun protection (around SPF 4) – also very shelf-stable
Soybean Oil• high in natural-source lecithin and vitamin E – easily absorbed and skin-smoothing
• good for massage – penetrates skin easily, with no greasy residue
• inexpensive and lightweight – good for use as an ingredient in skin care products
Sunflower Oil• lightweight oil that absorbs easily, leaving a protective “second skin”
• rich in vitamins A, D, & E – high in essential fatty acids & lecithin
• deeply nourishing and conditioning – good for dry, mature, damaged skin
Wheat Germ Oil• very nourishing oil, with significant vitamin E content (though it can go rancid faster)
• quite concentrated and very thick – usually used in dilution
• excellent for therapeutic skin care products – helps with wrinkles and roughness