Sea Salts Recipes


Salt Glow

  ½ cup fine Bokek Dead Sea Salt ½ cup fine Ceara Sea Salt 4oz grapeseed oil 2oz avocado oil 20-30 drops essential or fragrance oil blend Mix salt together, set aside. Mix all oils together. Pour oils mixture into a glass or plastic storage jar, ideally one with an airtight seal. Slowly add salt and mix well. Salt Glow should be stored in cool dark place to maximize shelf life. Adding a drop or two of rosemary extract or pure Vitamin E oil (squeezed from a gel capsule) will help to preserve your scrubs.

Bath Tea

½ cup Breton sea salt orange essential oil dried lavender and chamomile flowers large 3×5 inch muslin or self-sealing tea bags Add essential oil to salt and mix well. Add dried herbs and stir to combine. Fill each tea bag with approximately 4oz mixture; package individually in plastic to seal in the scent. To use, simply toss one bag into warm bath water. As the tea bag steeps, the salt will melt and the fragrance from the essential oils and herbs will disperse. When done, throw the tea bag away.

Bath Indulgence

2/3 cup fine Bokek Dead Sea salt 1/3 cup fine Himalayan sea salt 1 oz avocado oil 10-20 drops essential oil blend Mix salts together, set aside. Mix all oils together, as this will permit the scent and oil to coat the salt evenly when added. Slowly add oil to salt and mix well. Add to bath for a relaxing and moisturizing soak.

Essential Oil Blends for Salts

Cleansing: ¾ oz grapefruit & ¼ oz eucalyptus Soothing & Relaxing: ½ oz lavender & ½ oz bergamot Uplifting: ¼ oz lemongrass & ¾ oz lime Energizing: ¼ oz rosemary & ¾ oz spearmint Cold Relief: ¼ oz eucalyptus, ¾ oz lavender & 6 drops tea tree

Sea Salts recipes

Scenting Sea Salts

All the sea salts that Zenith Supplies offers are very easy to scent. The amount of essential or fragrance oil you will need to use will depend on the quality and variety of oil used. For example, you would need more grapefruit in your salts than peppermint as the mint family is much stronger than the citrus. The oils will travel easily through the salts. Always store your scented salts in airtight glass or PET plastic containers.

Sea Salts recipes

Coloring Sea Salts

You can use FD&C-approved dyes or herbal colorants for bath salts. It is recommended that you scent the salt first and then color. Once you mix in the color, let the salt sit in a sealed container overnight; the color will disperse for more even coverage. Our micas, oxides, and cosmetic-grade glitters can also be used for shimmering color, but only in very tiny amounts — a literal pinch will be plenty for a batch, otherwise you run the risk of tinting your entire bathtub

Sea Salts recipes

Sea Salt Cell

Some therapies call for a “Sea Salt Cell” or “Dead Sea Salt Cell.” This is simply a single bath portion of sea salts mixed with therapeutic essential oils. A deep therapy cell will call for 2 pounds of salt mixed with approximately 40 drops of your chosen essential oil blend.

Sea Salts recipes