Aroma Beads

Aroma beads are clear polymer beads which do a great job of absorbing fragrance. They are an affordable and fun way to make potpourri or sachets, and the finished product can remain fragrant for months. We even use them to help keep our essential and fragrance oil testers in the store clean and strong-smelling.

Scenting and Coloring Aroma Beads

The formula for scenting aroma beads is 4 parts aroma beads to one part scent. You can also dye your aroma beads using liquid candle dyes (found on our candle supplies page). Unfortunately, other dyes, such as food coloring, will not work. Using cups, here is an example recipe (you can make smaller batches, using ounces or teaspoons or any other unit of measure). 1 cup aroma beads 1/4 cup scent 1-2 drops liquid candle dye In a glass jar with lid, place 1 cup aroma beads. If you would like to color your beads, add the liquid candle dye to the scent before pouring the scent over the beads. Add 1/4 cup scent over the beads. Seal the jar, and shake a few times to ensure the scent is dispersed. It can take anywhere from 1 day to 1 week for the beads to fully absorb the scent. This will depend on the density and other properties of the oil — for example, we have found that citrus essential oils absorb faster than our vanilla fragrance. If you find after a week that the scent is not fully absorbed, add more aroma beads. When finished, aroma beads will be dry to the touch — you can then place them in sachet bags or other packaging. Packaging Ideas We carry a variety of sachet bags in the store. You can also add glitter, beads, or herbs (such as lavender buds) to your aroma beads, or layer different colors of dyed aroma beads. We also carry clear glass candle jars in the store for packaging your beads.